SIP Threat Manager

Threat Manager Key Features

  • Analyze SIP packets using the Snort based Real time Deep Packet inspection engine
  • SIP Protocol Anomaly detection with configurability of detection parameters
  • Detection and Prevention of the following categories of SIP based Attacks
    • Reconnaissance attacks (SIP Devices Fingerprinting, User enumeration, Password Cracking Attempt)
    • Dos/DDos Attacks
    • Cross Site Scripting based attacks
    • Buffer overflow attacks
    • SIP Anomaly based attacks
    • 3rd Party vendor vulnerabilities
  • Toll Fraud detection and prevention
  • Protection against VoIP┬áSpam & War Dialing
  • Attack response includes the option for quietly dropping malicious SIP packets to help prevent attack
  • Dynamic Blacklist service for VOIP, SIP PBX/Gateway Threats
  • Configurability of Blacklist/Whitelist/Firewall rules
  • Support for Geo Location based blocking
  • Provide the option to secure against PBX Application vulnerabilities
  • Operate at Layer 2 device thus transparent to existing IP infrastructure – no changes required to add device to your existing network
  • Web/SSL based Device Management Access which will allow to manage the device anywhere from the Cloud
  • Ability to restrict the device management access to specific IP/Network
  • Provide System Status/events logging option to remote syslog server
  • Provides the SIP throughput upto ~10Mbps
  • Support for Signature subscription and automated signature update mechanism
  • The device has been made to operate with default configuration with just powering on the device. No administrator intervention is required to operate the device with default configuration
  • USB based power supply
  • Optional support for security events logging on the USB based storage
Product Price USD265.00

Product Description

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